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Pyramid Oilfield Service & Supply, LLC (www.pofss.com) 

Privacy Policy

Pyramid OFS & Supply understands that manufacturing and service industries are crowed with eager competitors and we are sensitive to this.  Our clients confidentiality is a high priority.  Pyramid OFS & Supply do not share drawings, technical information, prototype information, drilling location data. 

Pyramid OFS & Supply respects the privacy and personal information of the entities that we are privileged to be do business with.  Personal information is never intentionally shared outside the company. Inside the company, information is stored with controlled access.

Regardless of the precautions taken by you and by Pyramid OFS & Supply, perfect security does not exist on the Internet. We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted electronically, the sender transmits and authorizes Pyramid OFS & Supply to store such information knowing the risk.  Pyramid OFS & Supply will minimize this risk to the best of its ability.
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